Ring Care

When to take it off

Sporting Activities

When swimming the cold water may shrink your fingers, causing your ring to fall off and possibly be lost. If you are in chlorinated water such as a swimming pool, the chlorine may react with the rings material, causing it to fade, erode, rust or even change colour.

Doing any physical sports that involve holding a racket, bat or golf club or even sports such as riding a bicycle, lifting weights, mountaineering, etc, might scratch, bend, deform, crack, chip, bend or break your ring.


When holding a spade or working with your hands in sand/pebbles or compost, the chemicals might damage the metal, settings or stone/s. (wearing gloves could help prevent any damage).


When doing dishes, washing clothes or using chemicals, cleansers might stain, fade, scratch, erode the alloys, dull the finish on the ring or harm your more porous stones.


When cleaning your hands or body with soap, sanitizers, chemicals or acetone, this might stain, tarnish, fade or make your ring appear dull. (Rather remove your ring prior to using any of the above).


If heated foods or oils come in contact your ring, it can leave a film or stain on your ring and affect the luster and brightness.

Working with Tools

Due to safety reasons, You should remove any jewellery when working with machinery or tools. besides for the possibility of you getting injured, you might bend, crack, shatter or chip your ring.

Working with heavy Chemicals

If you are working with chemicals such as diesel, petrol, paraffin, paint strippers or thinners, This may cause a reaction with the metal / resin/wood or silicone and stain, fade or erode the finish.


  • Most jewelry can be cleaned with mild soap(like a gentle dish detergent)and a soft cloth.
  • If you need to brush the settings/mountings or engravings, do so carefully with a soft brush.
  • Rinse in clean water after wiping it down with soap and brushing the settings etc.
  • Gently pat it dry or leave on a towel to dry.

Most jewellery stores will professionally clean your jewelry for a small fee.

Silver-polishing cloths will clean your silver jewelry and keep it from tarnishing

Be careful with silver polishing, dipping liquids and ultrasonic cleaning.